Friday, March 24, 2017


Pros & Cons of Hiring a Scooter in Ibiza

Getting around the little island of Ibiza can be tricky; especially if you don’t want to rent a a big ole’ car for your holiday. So hiring a scooter could be a prudent option, although all that glitter’s is not gold – let’s take a butcher’s at the a pro’s and cons… PRO: It’s more economic Not only is it …

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Halfway through the summer and still standing…

This summer has proved really busy on Ibiza with dates for the rest of August hard to find. The few that can be found are either expensive, or risky if you’re being asked to part with money in a hurry… However, September and October are our own personal favourite months, when the sea is still warm, the clubbing kids are …

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5 Authentic Chiringuitos in Ibiza

In it’s purest and most traditional form, the word “Chiringuito” a would have referred to a small, often temporary building – (usually dedicated to the service sector) normally at a beach – that’s purpose is to sell snacks, food and drink. We all know that the new Ibiza now entertains many great “Chiringuitos” of the fancier variety – all beautifully …

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9 Nice Alternatives Things to see and do in Santa Eulalia

One of the great things about the little island of Ibiza is it’s love independent business. While some of the most well-renowned brands that originated in Ibiza have now go on to claim worldwide success, the little island still plays host to a gaggle of small yet mighty independent traders. Infamous for saying “NO” to some of the heftier fast …

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New Balearic ‘Sustainable Tourism Tax’ comes into force next Friday

Considering the seismic negative shift in exchange rates that has been unleashed since the announcement of ‘Brexit’ it seems a bad time to announce a new tax on visitors, but that is what the Balearic Government have decided to bring into force next Friday. Nobody really believes that this tax will be set up, but at least the Spanish Gouvernement shows how …

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Spending by tourists in the Balearic Islands fell 3.8% in January 2016

International tourists spent €92 million in the Balearics during January, representing a decrease of 3.8% on last year, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE). The latest Tourism Expenditure Survey (Egatur) reveals that in January foreign visitors to Spain spent €3,712 million, 3.6% more than in the same month last year. The average expenditure per tourist, during their …

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Balearic Parliament announces a new inspection plan for tourist rentals

The Minister of Tourism, Biel Barceló, today announced in the Balearic Parliament that an inspection plan is to be “coordinated” to control irregular tourist vacation rentals on the islands, with the participation of the four Councils and the Balearic Government, through the Ministry of Tourism and the Tax Office. “It will be the first time there has been an inspection …

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Winter or Spring in Ibiza – cheap and mind-bogglingly beautiful

Most people consider Ibiza to be a summer party destination that opens in May and shuts at the end of October each year. This is certainly true of the big nightclubs and most of the hotels, but our big sister island of Mallorca remains ‘open’ all year round. How can this be? Perhaps it’s a subconscious decision by the island’s …

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Madrid wants to lift fines for street drinkers who show healthy lifestyles

The leftist administration of Madrid Mayor Manuela Carmena wants to spare the capital’s youths from having to pay fines of up to €600 for drinking alcohol on the streets, a measure introduced by the previous conservative administration to prevent large open-air drinking parties known as botellones. Madrid City Hall sources said that “the fines are not achieving their goal of …

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Barcelona to crack down on illegal subletting through Airbnb

Apartment owners in Barcelona are discovering that people posing as long-term tenants are renting their properties with the sole intention of illegally sub-letting them to tourists through vacation accommodation sites such as Airbnb, in some cases earning triple the cost of the rent. Airbnb recognises that around a third of its users have more than one advertisement on the site. …

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