Discounts of 50% start to revive sales in Eivissa

While many shops in Eivissa waited until the weekend prior to the Kings before offering discounts to encourage sales, and some not even until today, this was the day that people were really fully motivated to go out to find the best discounts and bargains.

Although the ‘sales’ period has been ‘liberalised’, ie, businesses can put them up all year round and when considered necessary, the habit of thinking that the discounts start after Christmas is still ingrained in most consumers.

“People are still waiting for them to arrive despite the discount posters appearing all around. People still have the feeling that the sales start on January 7th; when they see the word ‘sale’ it most certainly encourages buying and people are still waiting to see the ‘sale’ sign in certain shop windows before they buy.” explains Planells, the owner of the Gatzara store.

This year, many small shops and national franchises have chosen to start the sale’s season offering 50% discount. “This is the first year we have started with 50% discount. This indicates that ther will be what we call ‘super prices’ on specific articles later,’ said Daniel, responsible for the Berskha store. In the same vein Sonia, at the Yamamay store said: “Everyone’s shopping for the half price items and new season’s stock.”

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