Madrid approves an airfield for Santa Eulalia

The Ministry of the Environment has reported favourably on the environmental impact of the proposed construction and operation of an airfield for ultra-light aircraft at a farm 2.5 kilometers from Santa Eulalia town centre. However, the project still lacks the approval of the State Aviation Safety Agency. In addition, the Consell de Ibiza has to approve the project, because it is on rural land, before the developer can obtain the relevant license.

The airfield project covers an area of 14,906 square metres with a runway of compacted earth 400 metres long.

Due to its characteristics, the planned airfield could only be used by aircraft with a maximum weight of 450 kilos, engines below 140 hp power and a maximum flight altitude of 300 metres.

The volume of annual operations is expected to be of the order of a thousand, concentrated in the months of March to October when the best weather conditions exist, which means “one or two daily movements with peak activity of six to eight operations a day”, according to the project. In fact, it is expected that the airfield will be used by five regular aircraft, albeit with the occasional visit from other ultra-lights from other facilities.

Good news for all of you with light aircraft to park…




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