5 Authentic Chiringuitos in Ibiza

In it’s purest and most traditional form, the word “Chiringuito” a would have referred to a small, often temporary building – (usually dedicated to the service sector) normally at a beach – that’s purpose is to sell snacks, food and drink. We all know that the new Ibiza now entertains many great “Chiringuitos” of the fancier variety – all beautifully decorated with great food and service, however we thought in this list we’d offer you a chance to discover a few of the more authentic Ibizan chiringuitos, that are maybe a little bit more off the beaten track, or don’t have the biggest web presence – (aside from maybe a facebook page or some trip advisor reviews).

5. Brisamar

Perhaps the easiest to find online out of all of our entries, Brisamar Ibiza is a traditional beach-side restaurant that has been running since 1956. You order classic dishes like Paella and fresh fish while you enjoy Playa Es Canar.

4. Chiringuito Cala Olivera

Maybe one of the best kept secrets in Ibiza, the beautiful beach of Cala Olivera is a little tranquil spot in the East of the Island that not many tourist know about yet. Simple, fresh and delicious seafood is served and the quaint Chiringuito that has been run by the local family for years.

3. Bar Flotante, Talamanca

Despite it’s central location and accessibility from Ibiza Town, Bar Flotante in Talamanca has a real authentic Ibizan Chiringuito feel. It’s usually busy, but the waiting staff are nevertheless attentive as they deliver the delicious fresh food to your beach side table.

2. Bar Toni, Cala Pada

Cala Pada is a great beach for a bit of quiet family time – and Restaurant Bar Toni is the perfect chiringuito style eatery to kick-back, relax and enjoy dishes from traditional fresh Spanish seafood to classic German dishes .

1. Fish Shak, Talamanca

A chiringuito in the truest sense, Fish Shak in Talamanca, pops up just for the season to serve the freshest catches of the day and leaves in winter without a trace. There is limited seating and it’s very popular so make sure you arrive early.

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