5 Great Places to learn Spanish this Winter in Ibiza

It’s that time again – closing parties are on the horizon, tourists are leaving the island, and a lot of us English speakers who live here in Ibiza all year round, start thinking about how to use our winter productively and improve our Spanish… The good news is that there are a lot great of resources available that aren’t too costly, so here we have a break down of some helpful options for Ibiza’s Residents who would like get a little bit more local this winter:

5. Intercambio cada lunes @ Districte Hiperbole
What: Language Exchange
Where: Districte Hiperbole, Ibiza Town
When: Every Monday through-out the winter season
Cost: Free! (Well, just the cost of a drink or two)
Level for entry: This Language Exchange is open to anyone, if you would like to help someone with their English (or whatever your native language maybe!) you could come as a complete beginner – however to get the most out of it, it’s good to have a basic level of Spanish to practise with.
Through-out the winter, Districte Hiperbole, runs a language exchange every Monday evening from around 7:30pm…Be sure to head to the café, ‘Districte’ on Carrer del Metge Riera Ferrer – as the company also has an independent bookstore, ‘Librería Hipérbole’ also in Ibiza Town. The café itself is really cool, it’s stacked high with independent books and art and also plays host to exhibitions and cultural talks. The language exchange is a great place to meet people from all over the world and get some practise speaking your target language outside of a classroom environment. The language exchange usually takes a break during the height of the season, but check out their facebook page, as the event should be starting up again soon!

4.Duo Lingo
What: Appduolingo
Where: On your phone
When: Whenever you want
Cost: Free!
Level for entry: From complete beginner
It’s doubtful whether there is any other method, that makes learning a language as easy as Duo Lingo. It is a free app available for download on any iPhone or Android phone, so you can use it whenever and wherever you want. It teaches Spanish from a complete beginners level using an engaging visual method – that tests reading, listening and speaking. It’s fun and addictive and a great way to get started.

3. CEPA Pitiüses
What: Classes for adultscepa-pitiu%cc%88ses
Where: Ibiza Town, Santa Eulalia, San Antonio & Formentera
When: Registration in September and then again in February
Cost: 20€ registration, and free there after.
Level for entry: From complete beginner – you will be assessed upon entry.
CEPA Pitiüses is a government run, local school for adults in Ibiza and Formentera, dispersed all over the island. They run a Spanish for foreigners program, designed to teach adults from three levels, Total Beginner, Advanced Beginner, through to Intermediate. During the registration process you will be assessed on your level and placed in a class accordingly. The classes usually run twice a week, at different times in the mornings or evenings – depending on which class your a placed in and which area you live. The beginners class is fun and informal, you can meet a variety of people from a lot of different countries.

What: Language Exchange
Where: Usually Ibiza Town
(but can move to any location around the island)
When: About every fortnight through-out the winter
Cost: 3€ approximately for each event.
Level for entry: This Language Exchange is open to anyone, if you would like to help someone with their English (or whatever your native language maybe!) you could attend as a total beginner – however to get the most out of it, it’s nice to have a basic level of Spanish to practise with.
ABLA is a Language Exchange community which organises events around every two weeks all over the island. Usually the events take place in a bar in Ibiza Town and there is a small entry fee, but the ABLA also partner’s with other businesses around the island to offer alternative language exchange activities, check out their facebook page to find out what’s coming up next.

1. Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza
What: Intensive classes for adultsinstituto-de-idiomas-ibiza
Where: Ibiza Town
When: New classes start every Monday
Cost: Prices vary, but there is also a 25% residents discount on intensive courses.
Level for entry: All levels – you will get a level test upon entry
Instituto de Idiomas is really the best option in Ibiza if you would like to learn fast; it’s the only school accredited by Instituto Cervantes on the island and offers intensive morning Spanish lessons from Monday – Friday. The school is bright and friendly and lessons are taught small groups with rotating teachers, so you can get used to a variety of different accents and approaches. The lessons are a mixture of conversation, listening and reading exercises – learning grammar rules and games, so there’s never a dull moment! You can enter a course at any level, whether you’re a complete beginner with no previous knowledge of the language – right through to advanced level people who’d like to brush up their Spanish for business etc. The school also offer private lessons, and preparation for exams such as DELE. They are flexible and offer a 25% discount for residents who live here all year round – as well as other deals for the winter (keep and eye on their facebook page to find out more!) – so if you have a week or two off, there’s no excuse not to!

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