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As well as the great public school options in Ibiza, the island also has three fantastic private schools – if you are moving to the island with your family – it’s a good idea to get a break down of what they are all about. So here is a quick summary of each:

Curriculum: UK National Curriculum
Languages: All lessons taught in English, Spanish is compulsory through-out the duration of the school, Spanish native students have the option to study Catalan and German is introduced as an optional language between years 7-10.
Location: Santa Gertrudis, the centre of the island
Age Groups Admitted: Reception – A-Levels/ Aged 3-18
About: If you are moving to Ibiza from the UK (or any other English speaking country) with older children who don’t know much Spanish, Morna is a great option because (apart from the language lessons, of course) – all of the teaching is conducted in English. Nestled in the middle of the island the setting of the school is idyllic, as well as easy to access from wherever you might live. The expanding school plays host to more than 20 different nationalities, with students going on to study at some of the top universities in Europe. Morna also offers the Cambridge university preparation scheme. With lots of new resources for arts, sciences and technology added to the school recently and family environment Morna really is a great choice for little and big ones alike.

Colegio Mestral
Curriculum: Spanish National Curriculum
Languages: Catalan and Spanish are principal languages of the centre, they promote multilingualism the command of Spanish and English
Location: Can Misses area of Ibiza Town
Age Groups Admitted: 3-18 years old
About: Colegio Mestral aims to provide a combination of excellent academic training, alongside holistic and pastoral care so that students can integrate into society ethically, civically and intellectually. The school aims to prioritise the growth of every student as an individual, so small classes allow each student to have more personal attention which helps them flourish. The student body is made up of young people from a whole range of different countries and backgrounds, and colegio Mestral is sensitive to the diverse community in Ibiza, so respect for alternative ways of thinking are promoted, including the opportunity to integrate all personal traditions, cultures and beliefs into school life.

College Francais
Curriculum: French National Curriculum
Languages: Classes are taught primarily in French
Location: San Jose
Age Groups Admitted: 3-16 years old
About: A specialist language school – College Francais is a great option for families from French speaking countries, or those who would like their child to obtain mastery of the French language and receive a French education. The school promotes a open humanist culture and develops the sensitivity, and social and civic competences. There are not usually more than 20 students per class, which encourages the autonomy and the construction of a project orientation.

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