6 Practical Tips for Getting a Job in Ibiza this Season 2018

Now that the year is in full swing – you might start to be thinking more seriously about coming to Ibiza to work for 2018’s season. Here a few tips and tricks that might help the process of searching for/securing work for the summer.

1 – Be Proactive
Probably the most important general tip for finding a job in Ibiza for the season – be proactive! This means do your research, before you leave your native country; sign up to social media groups that advertise postings so you can network and meet people there. Look for businesses that you like and feel passionate about, or that match to the experience that you already have at home and apply to them directly.

2 – Arrive Early
The early bird catches the worm… so if you arrive in Ibiza in April or May, when business are searching for people/training them and generally preparing for the season, you are more likely to get something (or at least something with more favourable conditions). Than if you arrive later, in say June or July – although that doesn’t mean to say it’s impossible to find something then too.

3 – Get an NIE number
If you are coming from an EU country you will have the right to work here in Spain, but first you must obtain a NIE number (a code that allows you to pay tax) from the local police station. It’s advised to get this taken care of upon your arrival, as employers are more likely to select someone who has all their paperwork sorted out – than someone who still has a lot of organising to do!

4 – Include a Photo on your CV
If you are coming from a country, such as UK, where it is not the standard procedure to include a photo with your CV – you might be interested to learn that attaching a photo with your CV, is in fact the norm here in Spain. Moreover it seems to be especially important in Ibiza, if you are looking for a job in the hospitality sector, where you will likely be public facing all day.

5 – Speak Languages
While the official languages of the Ibiza are Catalan and Spanish – the most important languages to be able to communicate on a daily basis and find work are Spanish and English. Of course there are certain areas where you can get away with only speaking basic Spanish – such as San Antonio – due to the number of English tourists. German, Dutch, Italian, French, Romanian and Russian are all also widely spoken on the island – so any extra language that you may have would be an advantage. If you are here on the island a little early and would like to improve your language skills there are a wide range of resources available, check out our blog about learning Spanish here in Ibiza.

6 – Be Consistent & Reliable
Without wishing to teach you how to suck eggs, an insiders tip from those of us who live on the island all year and are in contact with business owners who employ seasonal workers – is be reliable! One of the biggest complaints heard over the summer season is that business owners can’t find reliable staff who are punctual and consistent. That means, impress at your first interview – turn up at least 5 minutes early with a smile on your face – and start as you mean to go on!


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