Are you sure you are a party animal?

Like animals? Like 12 hour non-stop partying? Like supporting local artists? In Ibiza this week? If you said yes to all those questions, then read on!

What’s happening?
This Saturday night (11th February 2017) from 11:59pm onwards, local artists on the island will unite with Ibizan animal charities in a party taking place in Lamuella Ibiza (Carretera de San Juan Km 13.5). ‘Party for the Animals – Reloaded‘ is happening in order to raise funds and awareness to those animals sanctuary’s and charities dedicated to rehoming, neutering, protecting and generally caring for cats, dogs and other pets in Ibiza that may have been born strays, abandoned or mistreated.

Who’s playing? Club Mate Presents…
Eva Pacifico
Hofer 66
Javi Mor
Martijn Ten Velden
Usual Suspect
+Very Special Guests

Entrance Fee:
It will be 10€ entrance including a drink and profits will be shared with the participating animal charities and organisations. (Profits will be announced shortly after the event).

Which Animal Charities are Taking Part?
Duo Ibiza: 
Duo Ibiza is a German run dog protection and rehoming organisation who specialise finding new homes in Germany for dogs on the island who have nowhere to stay.
Care for Cats Ibiza: Care for Cats Ibiza is all about the welfare of Ibiza’s homeless cats. They specialise in rehoming cats and can even help tourists who’ve fallen in love with kitten during their holiday, sort out the necessary paperwork and vets trips needed in order to bring their furry friend back to their home country with them. For those cats who are used to life on the streets, they organise the trap, neuter, release program which seriously helps to curb the number of stray cats on the streets.
MOJIS Animal Sanctuary Ibiza: MOJIS Animal Sanctuary Ibiza is a local animal sanctuary that not only provides homes for unwanted dogs and cats – but also helps to re-home, farmyard animals such as pigs, horses, goats and chickens – they rely solely on community support to help their animals.


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