Gluten-Free Ibiza: Shopping

Knowing where to shop is essential if you or someone you know is gluten intolerant or has coeliac disease, a serious auto-immune disorder triggered by gluten. In Ibiza, we are fortunate to have a wide range of wonderful local food products such as fruit, vegetables, meat and cheese, that are naturally gluten free. There are also some great bio shops dotted around the island which allow people on gluten free diets to enjoy a wide range of allergy-friendly alternatives to foods like bread, pasta and biscuits.

Here are five shops to keep your cupboard stocked…

Mercat Nou (Ibiza), Es Mercat (Santa Eularia)
Location: C/ de Castella, 30, Ibiza Town; C/ del Sol, Santa Eularia
Best for: Stocking up on basics
About: Es Mercat and Mercat Nou are the places to go for the best range of island produce. Within the walls of these two large markets you’ll find stalls selling fruit and veg fresh and direct from the very fields of Ibiza, plus local meat, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, olives, and dried fruit – all gluten free. One of the real joys of living in Ibiza is getting to know the islanders who sell their produce here. Strike up a conversation and you’ll get delicious things to eat for less than supermarket prices, plus an education on the food culture and history of the island.

Location: C/ Sant Llorenc, 14, Santa Eularia
Best for: Treats and fresh grains
About: This small bio shop in Santa Eularia is run by a lovely, young couple whose positive attitude infuses the whole establishment. It sells a broad range of gluten free treats such as Doves Organics cookies, sweet and savoury snacks, and fine pastas. You can purchase gluten free whole grains like buckwheat and they will grind them on the spot, so you have fresh flour for home baking.

Arroz y Bambú
C/ Pintores Puget 1, Santa Eularia; C/ Josep Riquer Llobet 5, Ibiza; C/ Antonio Riquer, Sant Antoni
Best for: Expanding your flavour range
About: Arroz y Bambú is fantastic for adding new flavours and textures to your diet. It stocks a wide range of Asian foods including ingredients and prepared foods from Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Indian cuisines. All these countries rely on rice as a staple grain so many of their dishes are naturally gluten free. Start by stocking up on big bags of speciality rice such as Jasmine or black rice; legumes like lentils, chickpeas, and mung beans; and different thicknesses of rice noodles. Then add spices, curry sauces, seasoning like rice vinegar and chili – and you can have an adventurous gluten free kitchen in no time.

Can Curuné Supermarket
Crrt/ Sant Joan 17
Best for: Health foods & organic
About: This charming little tienda on the road to Sant Joan packs a surprising range of gluten free goodies into its tiny space. Just to your left, as you enter is a “bio” section that includes delicious gluten free bread, pasta, crackers and cookies, plus healthy staples like tahini, honey and almond butter. Further down the aisle, you’ll find a small but excellent butcher counter that also sells fresh farm eggs – all gluten free.

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