Primavera Festival 2017 at Atzaro

When: From 12pm onwards, Sunday 26th March
Where: Agroturismo ATZARO IBIZA Crta San Juan Km 15, 07840 Santa Eulalia Del Río

What’s Happening?
This year Atzaro launches it’s fundraising project – a long-term, non-profit organisation designed to help local businesses and environmental causes on the island, which will begin with their popular Primavera festival… Atzaro’s Primavera festival is getting a reputation as the fiesta that really kicks of the season for the real Ibiza residents – before the island is packed with tourists and seasonal workers who only work the hard season, this party is popping with people who really love and appreciate the island, who would like to enjoy before the season begins! This year it will play host to live music, art exhibitions, work-shops and activities for kids, a bohemian Ibizan market, including fashion, jewellery and street food.

Cashless Wristbands:
Due to it’s immense popularity in the previous years, this year, Atzaro have decided to implement a new cashless ticketing structure… where you’re wristband will work as your ticket as well your cashless payment system to be able to buy food and drink at the event, it will work as follows:
1. Ticketed Entry: Here you will be able to buy your ticket online to avoid queues and your entrance donation will be included within this price + you will get one free drink included in the price.
2. Cashless Entry: From March 12th, you’ll be able to create your cashless account – you just create your account online to be able to pay with your wristband. Any money that you don’t spend will be re-funded back to the credit card that you topped up on.
3. Collect your Wristband: Around three days prior to the event you’ll be able to pick up your wristband from the front desk of Atzaro Agroturismo itself. You’ll just need to show your printed ticket confirmation, or email confirmation on your mobile.
4. Top-Up and Enjoy: if you need to you can top up your wristband with credits to buy food and drink at the party – then enjoy!

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