The Pursuit of Happiness: Don’t Pursue Happiness, Just Be It

Happy Ibiza Inspiration…
‘Happy people in the morning’ was one of the strongest quotes our beloved Space Night Club ever published on the Space CD from 1999, mixed by Carl Cox. And man, that was almost an understatement – the early days of Space, when the legendary terrace took off on Sundays: starting in the morning and going well into the afternoon, was a gathering of different people coming together for one purpose – to have fun! No matter where you came from or what ever your life outside that club was, inside we were all the same, riding one wave of collective happiness.

Happy Day-to-Day
To be able to say ‘I am a happy person’ and meaning it is a very strong statement, something that not so many people achieve. Most people try to be happy and mistakenly seek superficial pleasures to achieve it. We live in a world of seduction on many levels, one can so easily fall for the materialistic side of life, the visible, the obvious, all served on a silver plate around the clock, tailored to satisfy even the most sophisticated of our desires. One of our worst characteristics is the urge to always want more which leads to greed, and that is nothing less than a sin.

To pursue happiness is somehow a contradiction in itself, but I am lacking the right words (and I like the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’) and, as I said before, it does not come easy – like all the most important things in life. And you can NOT buy it, which is very helpful, believe me. It more likely goes the other way, you have a good chance to end up unhappy, unsatisfied, more anxious and emotionally troubled as you try to buy yourself out.

So what does it take to be happy?
Most importantly stop trying to be happy, according to the ‘Law of Attraction’ you simply imagine yourself being happy in the future, and if your vision is pure it will become reality. Sounds crazy to you? Oh, more of that spiritual nonsense, you might think – but if you really think about it, or better said, if you believe in it – you will actually get there sooner or later. Well, it takes a bit more to just believe in it, a healthy foundation to build on, is to be in peace with yourself, to know your pros and cons and improve the pros while reducing the cons along the ride. A wise man once said ‘you should set the goals in life as high as possible, so you’re pretty sure won’t reach them in the time you’re given – because once you are on top of the mountain the only way is down’. Another even wiser man said ‘there is no final goal, the way is the aim’. There is no formula for happiness – one person can be happy serving sandwiches to his clients behind a bar (no joke, a guy in Barcelona doing exactly this for more than 15 years was voted ‘the most happy worker worldwide’ in the early millennium as a result of a massive survey). Another person is fulfilled looking after sheep – whatever you believe will make you happy – go for it. Moreover, it doesn’t even matter if your dreams come true, life is always full of surprises and your expectations will always be altered along the way, the most important thing is to get your ass out of your comfort zone and embrace life, don’t try to be happy, just be it.

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