Over 70% More Private Planes in Ibiza Since 2004

Last year was the busiest year in history for Ibiza’s commercial airport, with more tourists then ever visiting the holiday island in the height of the party season. With the White Isle hosting international DJ’s from all over the world with busy schedules, along with other groups of more anonymous VIP’s – the private plane sector is comparably busy with a huge increase in take-offs and landings in recent years too.

What is ‘non-commercial air traffic’?
Non commercial aviation, is any small plane not operated by any of the larger well known airlines, like Vueling, or EasyJet, for example. This could be anything from military planes, air ambulances or school/training flights… but the majority of the private air traffic in Ibiza is taken up by air taxis, or ‘private jets’.

73,5% increase in the last 15 years
Since 2004 the number of private jets arriving and departing from the worlds most infamous Balearic Island, has increased by a whooping 73,5%. The growth in aerial activity above the tiny skies of Ibiza’s only airport is such that the parking platform next to the control tower is in desperate need of expansion to accommodate the ten’s of flights that it receives each day during the high season. AENA, the company in charge of operating Ibiza’s airport has had holt the planned expansion work, due to changes in the initial design.

A gradual increase in private jets
Since 2010, each year, the number of take offs and landings by private jets from ‘Ibiza’s private parking’ space has increased by at least a couple of hundred. The vast majority of this traffic has new traffic takes place between May and October when the island becomes a tourist hot spot, AENA claims that during this time the average number of private flights leaving and arriving on the White Isle is 12 per day.

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