IbiCine: Ibiza’s First Regular Short Film Festival

What is IbiCine?
IbiCine is a bi-weekly short film festival, in held in a small videography studio in Ibiza Town.

Where is IbiCine held?
Helher Studio, Call Doctor Fleming, 2 Local – Derecha, 07800 – Ibiza. Helher studio is a beautiful little cozy creative space in Ibiza town where you can find like-minded people interested in independent cinema.


What happens there?
Arrive to a friendly atmosphere with free water and popcorn and take your seat (this may be a comfy cushion on the floor)! The organiser of the night selects between 3-5 short films for the audience to watch. The films vary in length, but usually run between 5-20 minutes – they range a wide variety of subjects, from black comedy to inspirational shorts. After all of the films have been shown, you will be asked to complete a feedback form and rate your favourite for most favourite to least. These results will be tallied over the series of weeks for each season and the most popular will be taken through to a final. For now, the films entrance is free and you can feel free to bring friends along with you and sign up to the mailing list to find out what’s coming up!

Why has Helher Studio started IbiCine in Ibiza?
Upon her return to the island, local Ibicenca videographer (and founder of Helher Studio), Helena Herráez Escribano, decided to bring her love of short film back to with her, also as a cultural proposal that arises from the need to bring the short film to the island of Ibiza.

What language are the films in?
Usually, the short films are in Spanish, where possible they are subtitled in English.

What’s coming up?
To find out what’s coming up next, when the next free short film night will be, and about other projects Helher studios is involved in, please check the schedule on their facebook page.


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