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Alternative Open Air Fiestas in Ibiza

Inside the walls of a big club, you could really be anywhere in the world… So aside from the big name beach clubs, where can you party in Ibiza that makes you realize that you are actually there? Alternative venues, i.e. venues that are usually used for other purposes (for example traditional restaurants or markets) often hold one-off or once weekly big parties during the day. Daytime parties are great; you can take advantage of the warm weather and dance in the sunshine, but due to licensing laws, most parties that take place in open-air venues have to turn the music off by 12pm, meaning you can go onto an after party or head home. Here is a list of a few of our favourite alternative open-air parties on the White Isle…

This year there’s big competition for the Sunday night slot, which see’s three big alternative venues (that don’t usually hold parties), put on their only fiesta of the week.

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Where: @ Destinos
When: Sunday Afternoons from 4pm
About: Destino’s unique party held once a week, on the hotels terrace gives a specular view of the sea and the venues poolside bar – it’s free to enter and has a magical house music meets sunset party vibe.

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Circo Loco
Where: DC 10
When: Monday’s from 4pm
About: The only traditional club on the list, DC 10 opens it’s terrace for the first part of Monday night’s Circo Loco party, due to it’s unique position right next to the airport, every few minutes you can experience the unique feeling of planes taking off and landing right above your heads as your dancing the day away.

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Acid Sundays
Where: Las Dalias
When: Sunday Afternoons from 4pm
About: The space at Las Dalias is usually used as Ibiza’s most popular hippy market – and the bohemian vibe definitely translates into this party, which stages by La Troya and other big names on the island it’s not to be missed.

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Zoo Project
Where: Benimussa Park
When: Tuesdays from 4pm and Saturdays from 4pm
About: One of the most unique venues on the island to hold a party, Benimussa park, used to be a zoo and the organizers of this event have taken that theme and ran with it. Each enclosure works as a different stage and with different music and animal themed performances – there’s a big dress up element at this party and you can get your face painted on site.

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Where: Cova Santa
When: Sunday’s from 4pm
About: Following the success of last years WooMoon party in Cova Santa they are continuing this year on Sunday nights, the restaurant which has it’s own built in Cave and open air terrace is a really different and interesting venue to hold this one-off party.

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