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5 Ibiza ‘Don’t’s’ – Things Tourists Should Avoid

If you’ve never been to Ibiza before, you might not be aware of some rookie errors to avoid – here we give you some hints for having a good time by telling you what not to do!

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1 – Don’t arrive too early
Because of the way the working day is structured with siesta etc, everything starts later in Spain. This goes for the clubs and even going out for dinner. If you go out to dinner before 9pm you are likely to be the only ones in the restaurant and will miss the atmosphere. The majority of club’s night-time parties start at 11:59pm on the night advertised, but if you arrive before 1:30am you’ll likely entering an empty room.

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2 – Don’t under budget
There’s nothing worse than running out of money on holiday, and Ibiza is notoriously expensive. Expect to pay some of the highest prices in Europe for club entry, drinks and taxis. But…

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3 – Don’t get into a pirate taxi
It can be tempting to opt for a cheaper fair at the airport or around and about the island when someone offers you a lift. But keep in mind that pirate taxis have often been linked to villas robberies on the island and you’re safer opting for a properly licensed cab.

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4 – Don’t forget your sun cream!
July and August in Ibiza can often be scorching! But don’t let the milder temperatures of May/June and September and October fool you. The sun is very strong on The White Isle and leaving your sun cream at home on one of the first days of your holiday can often ruin your whole trip.

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5 – Don’t just go clubbing
There are so many things to see and do on this beautiful island, the scenery and water sports are amazing, so try and get allocate at least a couple of days that aren’t post clubbing, to get out and about and see some of the Ibiza. Check out our blog 10 Alternative Ibiza Activities to find out more.

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