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Ibiza on Orange Alert Due to Heat

Are you sweating? Are you unable to stay outside for more than 5 minutes? Have you noticed your i phone turning itself off due to over heating? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you might not be surprised to learn that, today Ibiza’s heat warning has been upgraded from ‘Yellow’ to ‘Orange’ alert for temperature until Saturday.

Across the Balearic islands today temperatures will reach highs of 36°C (degrees celsius). While humidity will be expected to reach 85%. The high humidity makes our bodies less efficient at releasing heat which means we sweat.

What is Orange Alert?
Like many of it’s global counterparts, the official meteorological office in Spain has created a 5 colour system to rate the weather, in order to equip the public and public sector workers with information to deal with potentially dangerous weather.

Why is Orange Alert Dangerous?
Orange alert covers when weather conditions are ‘unusual’, in this instance regarding the high temperature as levels of humidity that could be dangerous to the public. Authorities like police and healthcare workers will be aware of any potential health effects, like sunstroke, or dehydration that might occur in public beaches and in fiestas in Ibiza.

While it is predicted that temperatures are expected to reach 36°C today, this temperature is usually recorded in the shade, so you can expect if you’re sitting in the sunshine actual temperatures there to be 3-4°C higher.

Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, along with many zones across the rest of Spain, will also be on either Orange of Yellow alert in the next few days.

What can we do to cool off?
– Jump in the pool!
– Swim in the sea!
– Keep hydrated by constantly drinking water (whether you’re inside or outside).
– Stay in the shade.
– If you must be outside, keep a hat on.

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