Solar Power is Coming to Ibiza

Since the re-development and pedestrianisation of Ibiza Old Town’s centre, you might have noticed the large solar power panels that have appear at front of Vara Del Rey and Plaza del Parque. It’s no accident that the Ayuntamiento have placed the alternative energy sculptures in such a prominent position. Because on an island that experiences on average 300 days per year of sunshine, the local council want to make an example of how Solar Power can and is being used successfully in Ibiza. With smaller solar panels also cropping up on main streets such as Avenue Isidor Macabich, we are guessing it won’t be long before they become a part of our landscape here on the White Isle.

What is solar power?
Solar Power is simply the conversion of energy from natural sunlight into re-usable energy. Usually using photovoltaics or concentrated natural solar power that the lenses from the solar power panels can turn it into electric currents.

Why is solar power a better solution than energy that comes from traditional methods, such as fossil fuels?
Both the mining and consumption of fossil fuel energy are considered by the worlds top scientists to be dangerous for the environment. One of the problems with fossil fuel energy is that it is a non-renewable energy source. During the industrial revolution and over recent years a lot of the places where fossil fuels came from have been mined and resources have been used up. On the contrary, each day, especially in Ibiza, there is an abundance of natural sunlight – which can be utilised to power the technology we need to live today in the modern world.

Where can I find out more about the efforts being made against oil mining in Ibiza?
If you’d like to find out more about the campaign to stop Oil Drilling off the coast of Ibiza, you can visit Alianza Mar Blava.

How can I get solar power in my own home?
A few companies, such as LOB Solar, are arriving in Ibiza to offer home-owners the opportunity to introduce non-traditional energy sources at home. Visit their website to find out more.

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