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Where to Buy & Sell Used Cars in Ibiza

The Modern Way

Oh yeah, technology.

1 – MilAnuncios
What’s it for? MilAnucios is a classified website, like the Spanish version of gumtree or craigslists – where you can find anything from jobs to second hand items… but it’s especially popular for buying and selling used cars. Be cautious on the app though and ensure you only make transactions in person.
Find it here: MilAnuncios

2 – Wallapop
What’s it for? A free app widely used across Spain to find second hand items – you can find even find cars – just set your location to Ibiza and start looking!
Download it here: Wallapop App

3 – Facebook
What’s it for? Ok, so we all know what facebook is for, but it’s actually a great tool for buying or selling your used car in Ibiza. You can join specific groups like Vehiculos segunda mano en Ibiza y Formentera or helpful community groups, such as Nice & Cheap IbizaIbiza Winter Residents and it’s a good thing to have at your finger tips, as good deals move fast in Ibiza and are often organised on a ‘first come first serve’ basis.
Find it here: Facebook

The Old Fashioned Way

A lot of people in Ibiza still buy and sell their vehicles the old fashioned way – through a putting a sign up in the car with their phone number or going through a traditional car dealership.

4 – Car Dealerships
Where? Keep your eyes peeled, used car dealerships are scattered all over the island and are usually found on the side of larger high-ways. They often already have an existing relationship with established mechanics, so this can make life easier if it comes to fixing any future problems.

5 – On the Street
Where? Look out for signs in windows of used cars with phone numbers all over the island. There are a few places where sellers park to get more attention, for example the bit of waste-land at the first roundabout as you’re entering Santa Eulalia from Ibiza town end, there are usually a few second hand cars for sale parked up there throughout the year.

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