Running – tips, best routes, and races/events

One of the best ways to enjoy Ibiza’s landscape is to lace up your trainers and go for a run. As the weather cools you can jog comfortably for much of the day, giving you plenty of flexibility to get out whenever suits you. Whether you’re a fun runner or a seasoned competitor, the island offers great running routes and events. Here is our users guide to running the white island!

Gearing up

Thanks to Ibiza’s temperate climate you only need a handful of items to keep you running in comfort all year-round. Most important is a pair of good running shoes that is suited to your body type, gait and running surface. Buy trail shoes if you do a lot of off-road running, as they have better grip and more support to help handle uneven surfaces. Then you need comfortable shorts and tops, plus leggings and a wind-breaker or fleece for cool weather. Additional options are sun visors; hats; an armband holder for hold keys, phone and ID; and sport-specific running socks to keep your feet cool and comfortable. You can get most of this gear at Decathlon, near Ibiza Town.


Hi-vis running gear is essential, especially if you run early in the morning, at dusk, or at night. Ibiza roads are narrow, winding, and mostly unlit, so you have to make an effort to be seen. Decathlon stocks hi-vis tee-shirts, vests, and accessories which are is an important investment in your safety.

Remember to run facing traffic and always pause before crossing intersections or driveways. Be alert: don’t assume drivers will stop or see you.


Ibiza offers everything from easy paved jogs to challenging mountain trails. One of our favourite easy-to-medium runs is from Ibiza Town around the marina to Talamanca, or vice versa. This route is flat with broad pavements and plenty of street lighting, and you get gorgeous views of the harbour, lighthouse and old town. If you want to enjoy the beach, get up early and run from Salinas to Es Cavallet. This is a stunning route and running on sand is a tough workout! Venturing further into the country, the road between Sant Mateu and Santa Agnes is beautiful and peaceful; as is the route from Sant Carles to Pou des Lleo.


Whether you’re new to the island, or looking to expand your social circle, a running club can help you stay motivated and make new friends. There are several options in Ibiza. Reinosa Running, is a local club that hosts its own events. If you’re interested in barefoot running, which has become a major movement in the past few years, Isabel Ibiza Pilates has a barefoot running club. It is adapted for anyone from beginners to regular runners who want to learn barefoot running.


You don’t have to be a world-class athlete to enjoy running a road race. Ibiza has several events throughout the year that are a great way to get out and have fun with fellow runners. Coming up on 29 October is the Ibiza Trail Marathon. Don’t worry, there is a 10k and half-marathon option too! Visit their website for information and registration. Next spring Santa Eularia hosts the Ibiza marathon on 8 April 2018. There is also a 12k race if you’re not feeling up to the full marathon. Information and registration available here.

Running is a great way to stay fit and healthy, make friends, unwind, and get a closer look at Ibiza’s beautiful scenery. Share your favourite running route or tip in the comments!

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