Full moon views – best places to enjoy the full moon

Full moon is a magical time in Ibiza. Visitors accustomed to city living, or cloudy climates, are always amazed at its brilliance. It is well worth seeking out one of these six spots to see the moon in its glory. You’ll find it bright enough to stroll comfortably along a beach, or through the countryside. But if you go for a moonlight walk on the road always carry a torch and wear hi-vis for safety.

Portinatx, Sant Joan

The northernmost point of the island offers an unobstructed panorama of the sea, shimmering like fish scales beneath the radiant moon. Even during the summer, the cape and area around the lighthouse are quiet, allowing you to relax and soak up the atmosphere.

Cap Martinet, Ibiza

This sprawling headland just north of Talamanca beach faces east, making it the perfect place to watch the moon rise. To your right, you have a vista of Ibiza Town crowned by Dalt Vila and the cathedral. If you’re a camera buff, it’s worth taking a tripod to capture this one-of-a-kind Ibiza scene.

Punta Galera, Sant Antoni

For a late-night full moon expedition, head to Punta Galera on the west coast. The cove is bounded by rocks rising in planes directly from the sea. Impressive in daylight, it is absolutely magical beneath the full moon. Chances are, your only company will be the murmur of the water and the whisper of the breeze.

Es Codolar, Sant Josep

Surprisingly, this is one of the least-frequented beaches in Ibiza, even though it is just minutes from the airport and Ibiza Town. There is only one parking and entrance to its pebbled expanse, which is protected from the nearby road by a stand of pine trees. The beach is right below the airport flight, creating a memorable contrast between the bustle of incoming and outgoing planes and the ageless serenity of the moon.

Es Niu Blau, Santa Eularia

This white sand beach between Santa Eularia and Es Cana is another great moon-rise spot. The iridescence of the moon on the water, the pearly sand at your feet, and the night-time scent of pine trees in the salt air combines for an unforgettable sensory experience.

Es Trull de C’an Andreu, Sant Carles

Step back in time with a visit to Es Trull, a restored 17th century finca perched above the village of Sant Carles. The steep, five-minute walk is well worth the effort. The white walls of the house look almost luminous beneath a full moon, and the surrounding trees and flowers take you back to a time when the island had a quiet, simple way of life. From your vantage point you can watch the moonlight spill across hills and illuminate the orange groves, fields and gnarled olive trees in the Morna valley.

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