Tennis – where to learn & play on Ibiza

Tennis in the Balearics is defined by Rafa Nadal. The Mallorquin super-star and world No. 1 is one of the all time great players of the sport, and a regular visitor to Ibiza. Chances are he comes for the beaches, restaurants and a chance to relax after winning yet another Grand Slam but if he wanted to play a few games, where would he go? Here are our suggestions for enjoying tennis on Ibiza — complete with tips for a post-match drink!

Where to play

Whether you’re brand new to the game, or a seasoned player looking for a place to hone your skills, Viva Tennis in San An offers space for all. A friendly, family run tennis club, it has three all-weather artificial grass courts and two red clay courts, all with floodlights. It offers lessons and tennis camps, and runs a league so you can compete regularly. If you’re on the east side of the island, visit the Club de Tenis de Santa Eulalia (971319023) — it offers lessons, court hire and more.

What to wear

White is the traditional colour of tennis and of Ibiza. It’s also great for deflecting the sun on a hot summer day. If you need to stock up on gear visit Decathlon, off the E-20 roundabout near Ibiza Town. It has a section devoted to tennis so you can stock up on appropriate shoes, sportswear and even equipment. Don’t forget a visor and sweatbands to keep you cool!

How to stay strong on court

Even if you play regularly, getting used to tennis in Ibiza might require some adjustments. Our weather is often hot and almost always humid, meaning your body won’t cool as efficiently. Be sure to drink plenty of water and consider adding some electrolyte powder (available at pharmacies) to make sure your body gets enough essential electrolytes. Eating a banana sprinkled with some sea salt is an all-natural way to replace the sodium and potassium you sweat out.

When to train

If possible, it’s good to play early in the morning or in the late-afternoon or evening. These are bound to be the most popular and crowded times on the courts, however, so you might want to play at night on lighted courts instead. Basically, try to play when it is as cool as possible. If your schedule works out so you’re on court in the heat of the day be sure to take plenty of breaks and keep your total playing time down.

How to unwind afterwards

As Nadal shows, Ibiza is a great place to relax after a tough match. After you’ve had a shower why not head to a beach bar for a drink? If you’re at Club Tenis pop up to Cala Martina or Cala Nova and stroll along the beach as a cool-down for your legs, the enjoy a beer by the sea. Should you be on the west side of the island at Viva Tennis time your game so you can get away in time to watch the sun go down from Ibiza’s famous sunset strip.

Do you have a favourite tennis club or know a great tennis pro? Share in the comments!

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