Healing in Ibiza: Acupuncture

Ibiza is an island with a unique energy, which is perhaps why it attracts a large community of healers and alternative therapists. One of the many healing arts available on the island is acupuncture, one of the most popular and proven of types of complementary therapy. We sat down with acupuncturist Santosh Kaur, who has worked on the island since 2012, to learn the basics of acupuncture.

1. How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture is an ancient healing practice that originated in China 2000 years ago. It is based on the Chinese belief that our bodies carry energy, called chi that travels through meridians, a bit like an electrical circuit. According to this view of health, illness and pain come when the flow of energy is blocked or distorted. Acupuncture uses fine, sterile needles to tap into specific meridian points to heal, restore balance and correct the flow of energy. Acupuncture is holistic, it works to heal and balance the whole body, not just treat a specific symptom.

2. How often should you get acupuncture?ç.

It depends on the condition being treated. If it is being used to ease depression, the treatment would be more regular. Infertility treatment, or managing an acute injury like a sprain, would also require regular treatments. If it is for general maintenance, it could be weekly or fortnightly. As a rule, the closer together the treatment, the better the outcome.

3. I’m scared of needles, would it work for me?

Even if you’re nervous, as long as you’re willing to have the treatment, you will see results. I’ve treated lots of people and probably 50-60% of my patients had never had acupuncture before. Many of them had concerns about needles at first but were fine in the treatment.

4. What illnesses can you treat with acupuncture?

It can be used to treat most diseases, as defined by Western medicine. I treat a lot of infertility, dermatology, gynaecology and musculoskeletal complaints, like prolapsed discs. Acupuncture is also used to treat emotional illnesses such as stress, depression and anxiety.

5. I feel fine, would acupuncture have any benefit for me?

Yes, it would. In China, acupuncture is used before there are any health issues. It is used to keep your body and immune system strong. People have acupuncture on a regular basis when their body is strong, to help protect against external pathogens like bacteria and viruses. Acupuncture is used not just for specific medical conditions, but as a way of keeping the body strong to eliminate illness and reduce the chances of getting sick.

6. Should I consult my regular doctor before getting acupuncture?

You certainly can, but you don’t have to. Acupuncture is non-invasive and safe. You don’t need a prescription. You don’t even need to be sick! Increasingly, medical doctors recommend alternative therapies such as acupuncture alongside Western medical treatment. Acupuncture is an evidence-based practice. There is a lot of research showing its benefits so doctors will recommend it to supplement therapies like IVF.

Santosh practices in London and Ibiza.
Santosh@akesoacupuncture.com Phone: +34 622 782 660

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