7 Fantastic New Year’s Eve party theme ideas

A clever theme can turn your New Year’s Eve party from ordinary to unforgettable. Inviting your guests to dress up according to the theme makes for hilarious photos, and it is a great ice breaker that will get everyone talking and mingling. Here are seven fantastic themes your friends will talk about for years to come.

The future

Welcome the new year by projecting yourself into the future. What do you think the world will look like in 50 years? 100? Invite your friends to dress up to represent some aspect of the future. Brainstorm what food and drink will be like and prepare refreshments accordingly. Put your favourite sci-fi film on in the background or soundtrack your party with futuristic techno.


Create an offbeat mix of culture, costume and cuisine by inviting everyone to come dressed as an island, and to bring something to eat or drink that represents it. From Sicily to Hawaii to the Sandwich Islands, you’re sure to have a fabulous time trying different foods and guessing who’s from where.

Outdated ideas

If your friends are of an intellectual bent, ask them to put their thinking caps on for an “outdated ideas” party. Much of what we know as scientific fact is relatively new knowledge. Before the Enlightenment and the scientific advances of the past few centuries people thought the earth was flat, the sun revolved around the earth, that people got sick because their humours were out of balance, and that atoms were solid. Challenge your friends to come up with creative ways to personify an outmoded theory.

Song lyrics

This theme doubles as a party playlist. Invite your friends to bring some of their favourite music, and to dress up as a lyric from one of the songs. Plug in the iPods, crank up the volume, and have fun matching the people to the lyrics. Why not have a prize for the most creative interpretation of a lyric, and for the person who gets the most matches?

Art movements

From Impressionism to Dadaism, Baroque to Bauhaus, make it a night of fine art and frolics. Have fun coming up with Cubist cocktails, Surreal decorations and avant-garde outfits. Add to the creative frisson by hanging butcher paper on the walls or covering the furniture with old sheets and letting your friends sketch, scribble, or splash around paint. Not only will it make a great party, they will be fun keepsakes.

Extinct creatures

Delve into the past for a party where you pay homage to the fantastic creatures that used to live on earth. From dinosaurs to dodo birds, woolly mammoths to Tasmanian tigers, there are countless striking extinct creatures that were done in either by climate change or (sadly) human predation. Ask your guests to suggest a drink, nibble, or song to represent their animal.

Things from Ibiza

Celebrate another year of life on the island with a party themed on things from Ibiza. With the abundance of delicious local food and wine you’ll have no problem creating a menu. Invite guests to come dressed to represent their favourite place on the island.

Have a great NYE party theme idea? Share in the comments!

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