How to have a green Christmas – eco-friendly holiday ideas

There are many benefits to having a “green” Christmas. Yes, it’s good for the environment (and we all know how important that is) but more than that, it’s good for you. When you pause and consider the impact of your holiday plans it helps you prioritize, slow down, and think about what is really important. Which is, of course, your friends and loved ones. Instead of spending the next couple of weeks on a shopping spree, put these eco-friendly holiday ideas to the test — you might be surprised how good you feel!

DIY decorations

Rather than raiding an almacen to buy bundles of cheap baubles, set aside time to make your own decorations. You don’t have to be super crafty. Decorations can be as simple as stars cut from cardboard and sprinkled with silver glitter, or as fancy as hand-knitted angels to adorn the tree. If you’re not sure where to begin, start with something simple like salt dough ornaments (kids love making these). Or venture out into the woods and gather some pine branches to make your own sweet-smelling wreath.

Eat local

The ingredients in Christmas dinner can rack up a lot of air miles, making for a less-than-green feast. Since we’re fortunate to live on an island with abundant produce, meat, fish and even its own dairy, there is no excuse to not eat local for the holidays. Stock up on seasonal produce like winter squash, potatoes, and greens to accompany local lamb, sausages or seafood. For an even more eco-conscious meal, consider cutting out the meat all together. You can finish your meal with a selection of cheeses from Can Caus and, of course, a generous glass of hierbas Ibicencas.

Reduce wrapping

Every year, landfills swell with countless tonnes of wrapping paper, ribbon and bows. Luckily, you don’t have to give up pretty packaging to help reduce this waste. Instead of buying commercial wrapping paper stock up on coloured tissue paper. It is just as pretty and can be reused as packing material, or tossed on the fire to keep you warm. Another good option is buying plain brown paper bags that can be tied with a bit of beautiful ribbon, or decorated with paper cut-outs. You can also buy plain butcher paper and let your children make their own wrapping paper using non-toxic paints. Or get creative with old maps, magazines, or any other paper products.

Start a tradition

The holidays are a time to create happy memories with family and friends. But sometimes we get so busy shopping, planning, cooking, and hosting that we barely have time to chat. This year, break the busy-ness cycle and set aside an afternoon or evening to start a tradition. Go for a walk on your favourite beach. Invite your best friends over and have a Christmas cocktail-making contest. Watch a favourite holiday film. Whatever you choose, make it a special occasion that you’ll want to repeat year after year.

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