The ITV service in Ibiza opens 1,415 new appointments

The Consell blames the central government for delays in scheduling inspections for not hiring more staff. Appointments for the ITV delayed for up to six months last year.

The Consell de Ibiza has opened a total of 1,415 new appointments for the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV), of which 115 have been scheduled through the next weeks and the rest through the following months until August.

As reported by the institution yesterday in a statement, the usual procedure to schedule an appointment is closely related to the number of workers available in the ITV centre. So, for now, “you can not get appointments beyond August not because they are not available or are already full, but because they have not yet been opened,” clarifies the Consell.

The insular institution took the opportunity to remember that they’ll continue with “the process of modernization of the service to reduce the waiting time”. In addition, according to the Consell, preliminary work is being carried out to reach the implementation of the fee payment system via telematics and the incorporation of more staff, always within the margins of the current workload.

The insular executive blames the central government “the main problem of the ITV is the restriction, imposed by the central government to public administrations, to hire new workers, despite the fact that both the ITV service and the Consell de Ibiza have closed the previous year with a surplus.

Last March, the Consell has already informed that will be hired three new mechanics to speed up the service of the ITV, due to the delayed in the ITV appointment for up to six months last year. Furthermore, the Consellera de Industria and second vice president, Marta Díaz, announced last year the implementation of an emergency plan to hire six more mechanics.

If you would like to know more about ITV appointments check out here: ITV for your vehicle in Ibiza.

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