Ibiza ban plastics by 2020

The nasty impacts of plastic pollution  – particularly the shocking impacts in our seas and oceans – have become a very hot topic on the White Isle. Many local environmental associations such as Amics De La Terra Eivissa and other no profit organisations like Ibiza Preservation Fund, Love Ibiza Now & Greenheart Ibiza are raising awareness of the problems, that cannot be longer ignored.

So of course, the news that the Balearic Islands are moving towards banning the sale of all single-use consumer plastics by 2020 has been warmly welcomed by the island’s residents.

The British newspaper “The Telegraph” reports that the Balearic government aims to implement the far-reaching legislation by 2020 in a bid to protect its beaches and natural beauty spots. Everyday items such as plastic plates, cutlery, disposable razors, lighters and coffee machine capsules will have to become “easily recyclable” or convert to biodegradable alternatives.

Sebastiá Sansó, director general of the region’s environmental department said, “Our territory is limited and environmentally sensitive, while an economy mainly based on tourism sends the use of such items spiralling.” In the case of coffee capsules and pods, used by thousands of cafés popular with tourists around the islands, Mr Sansó said that some makers already organised collection and recycling. “But the great majority of capsules cannot be recycled, and we are producing more and more unnecessary residues,” he said.

The Balearic government is also set to debate whether bars and restaurants should be obliged to offer complimentary tap water to customers to reduce the amount of plastic bottles discarded on the islands.

In Ibiza, many esteemed businesses have already begun to fight this considerable environmental threat in their own way by providing completely compostable take-away boxes and eco-friendly bags, some bars and restaurants have switched from plastic straws to those made from bamboo. But that’s not all many local residents’ groups in winter organise beach clean up in Ibiza and Formentera.

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