Ibiza Tourist Tax Doubles

Coming to Ibiza on holiday? You might feel confused if you haven’t done your homework as the doubled tourist tax (sometimes called Eco Tax) has come into operation from this 1st of May.

And to add to your woes, the overall charge for your stay will also see VAT added at 10% after Madrid ruled it wanted some of the proceeds from the so-called sustainable tourism tax.

The new rates for the increased tourist tax will apply from May 1st until October 31st for all those over the age of 16. The daily price then decreases by 50% for the low season.

The controversial tax was reintroduced in 2016 and tourism chiefs point out that it was set at the same level as when first charged but later dropped in 2011.

‘The number of visitors coming to the Balearic Islands continues to rise year after year and this generates greater environmental impacts,’ says the Balearic tourism department. ‘The revenues of the tax are primarily invested in environmental protection projects in order to substantially reduce these impacts and preserve our territory.’ like upgrading sewage treatment and water plants

The doubling of the tourist tax from May 1st will mean guests staying in hotels, city hotels, five-star apartment hotels, five-star luxury and four-star superiors will pay four euros per day; those of four stars and three stars superior, three euros; those of one, two and three stars, two euros.

As for tourist apartments, holidaymakers staying in four keys and four upper keys will pay four euros per day; three keys upper, three euros; one, two and three keys, two euros.

In rural hotels, it will be two euros per day; in hostels, hostels residences, pensions, inns, tourist camps and campsites, as well as shelters, it will be two euros.

The tax decreases by 50% on the ninth night of a holidaymaker’s stay.

The Balearic Government says the tax will still be ‘the lowest in Europe’ compared to Brussels average cost of 8euros, Florence 5euro and Amsterdam 3euros.

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