The top 10 most Instagrammed sunset locations in the world & Ibiza made it to the list.

Whether with #nofilter or saturated to the extreme, a photo of a sunset is guaranteed to get many Instagram likes. According to data recently gathered by SpaSeekers, a whopping 286 million sunset shots were uploaded to Instagram over the last year.

But it goes without saying that some locations are most instagram-worthy than other. The light, the reddish tone, the presence or not of the sea … makes a location more appealing than an other. So SpaSeekers also analysed Instagram data from the last 12 months to rank the locations of the 10 most Instagrammed sunsets around the globe. Coming in at the top of the list was California, with a staggering 5.7 million sunset photos, followed by the heavenly Italian Island of Sicily.

Find below the full list of the world’s top sunset locations:

1. California, USA: 5,7 million posts

2. Sicily, Italy: 1,7 million posts

3. Bali, Indonesia: 1,4 million posts

4. París, France: 1,3 million posts

5. Sydney, Australia; 1,3 million posts

6. London, UK: 1,2 million posts

7. Moscow, Russia: 1,2 million posts

8. Mumbai, India: 1,07 million posts

9. Phuket, Thailand: 1,05 million posts

10. Ibiza, Spain: 1,01 million posts

This is a photo upload to Instagram of a sunset in Ibiza today.

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