“El Secreto de Ibosim”, the most sustainable movie is shooting in Ibiza

“El Secreto de Ibosim” is the first eco-film production in the world: the vehicles are electric (sponsored by Nissan) and the transfers of material and film crew between the peninsula and the island were arranged by sea to ensure a smaller carbon footprint.

But sustainable transport is not the only aspect contributing to making “El Secreto de Ibosim” the first eco-film production in the world. As explained by the director, “We put so much thought in planning the catering in order to avoid food waste. We will make sure that all the boxes, bags and packaging used during the production will be made of fabric or recycled materials. In one word, all the elements that are around us and that are part of that philosophy of sustainability will be taken into account”.

However, they have not been able to resolve the use of energy they will need for shooting the movie. Instead Marta Diaz, vice president of the Consell d’Eivissa, said: “The government of Ibiza is committed to developing renewable energy in Ibiza so that the electricity needed by the film will be coming from clean sources”.

About the movie

Miguel Ángel Tobías, the creator, producer, and director of the film said: “I want to pay tribute to the essence, the values and the beauty of Ibiza by telling a story which promote the values of sustainability and ecology. Ibiza is deeply aware of sustainable tourism and I wanted to capture this essence throughout the movie, showing the quality of life and how the residents protect the environment; the harmonious coexistence with the tourists, and the optimal use of resources, respecting its authenticity.”

El Secreto de Ibosim tells the story of Manuel (Rodolfo Sancho), a relentless, attractive and vertiginous young businessman, who—after losing it all—is inexplicably rescued in the middle of the sea by a woman, Tànit (Ángela Molina), a mythological creature, Phoenician goddess, and protector of Ibiza. A mature fisherman (Micky Molina) wounded by life; a romantic girl (Xènia Tostado) running away from the world, and many other characters inspired by real people, will discover together the meaning of life and what really matters through this journey.

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