Formentera introduces packaging recycling points scheme in exchange of prizes.

People will earn points each time they deposit a can or a plastic bottle.

The Council of Formentera has launched a recycling scheme for cans and plastic bottles, implementing the installation of five vending recycling machines, in which the residents who deposit cans and plastic bottles will obtain points that can be exchanged for gifts.

The Environment Councillor, Daisee Aguilera, pointed out that the project helps to raise awareness and increase recycling. Aguilera said that ” If we manage that materials such as paper, glasses, plastic bottles and cans are properly recycled and don’t go into the normal bins, we can manage to reduce the amount of materials that go into landfill, thus decrease the costs paid by the residents of Formentera.”

In Sant Ferran, the recycling machines for depositing this waste are located at number 28 on Calle Sant Jaume and at kilometer 6.2 of the La Mola road, while in Sant Francesc they have been installed in front of the Marc Ferrer sports center, next to the tourist information office and in the parking area of Sa Senieta.


The five machines work in the same way and only accept waste like cans and plastic bottles. These are entered one by one and at the end, by pressing the green button, each user will receive a ticket stating the total points earned. Each can or bottle deposited is worth an eco-point and, once someone reaches a specific amount of points, these can be exchanged for gifts.

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