The Ibiza’s olive oil made it in the Catalog of Balearic Traditional Food

There’s no denying that the olive oil of Ibiza is one of the best olive oils produced in Spain and recently the Commission of Balearic Traditional Food, part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, have included this product in the catalog of traditional food.

It’s generally understood that a produce is traditional of Balearics when a minimum of 30years of production and sales in the area is credited, regardless the fact that this product is protected or not with a designation of origin or quality.

This catalog features 22 traditional products, 2 of which are produced in Ibiza, the traditional hierbas and the wine. Now the olive oil will be also featured in. Compared to other olive oils, the one from Ibiza has a rich aroma and a little acidity.

Historically, olive tree cultivation, as well as olive oil production, have been deeply rooted in Ibizan culture, since historical references already prove olive activity in 450 BC. Nowadays, Ibiza’s olive oil is mainly cold-pressed, allowing it to become a high-quality extra virgin oil with significant nutritional properties.

According to the statistical information of the “Olive Grove Vegetation and Health Defense Association”,  in 2017 the area of olive trees dedicated to the production of oil was 107 hectares with a production of 440 tons of olives.

The olive oil of Ibiza is so good that you may have been served a simple tostada with olive oil already for breakfast!

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