Costas authorise ses Figueretes spring clean

Costas of the Illes Balears have given permission for a clean up of the ses Figueretes dock that has deteriorated over time, and which endangers the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers. Project funding will be borne by the nautical companies who operate in this area during the summer season, with …

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Locals insist the solution is to change the outfall

The residents of Talamanca have spent a decade trying to change the submarine sewage outlet into their bay. The president of their neighbourhood association, Pep Colomar, contends that the actions the Government intend to carry out before the tourist season starts “are simply patching up the problem and a waste …

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Are Spain’s courts fit for purpose?

Seven years of sustained economic decline, made worse by government indifference and public spending cuts, have had a disastrous effect on Spain’s court buildings, and by extension, the country’s judicial system. Bathrooms are filled with piles of folders and evidence; broken windows are taped over with cardboard; power cables are …

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