Podemos edges ahead of Socialists in voting intention

New Spanish anti-austerity party Podemos has managed to overtake the Socialists (PSOE) to become the nation’s second political force behind the ruling conservatives, according to a January voting intention survey. The findings, released by the Centre for Sociological Studies (CIS), confirm the end of the two-party system that has dominated …

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Podemos: Greece’s new political era will come to Spain

Podemos, Spain’s anti-austerity party, sees “a new period” opening up after radical leftist group Syriza sailed to victory in the Greek elections on Sunday. “The unfair and inefficient budget cut policies have been defeated by Greek voters despite the fear campaign,” said Íñigo Errejón, Podemos’ number two official. “Blackmail has …

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The PSOE focus their election programme on social services

The Socialist Federation of Ibiza (FSE-PSOE) today announced that it will focus its electoral programme on restoring the rights and social services that the Popular Party has cut during this parliament.” Secretary general Vicent Torres said “the Socialists are the only ones who can redeploy the whole welfare state system and …

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Elections: the centre-right are more fragmented than ever

The centre-right political parties will go to the local elections next May with more nominations than ever. Up to six conservative options could be presented to the Consell d’Eivissa. Not to mention the odd ‘marginal’ list that may arise between now and the date that elections are eventually held. At …

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Youth: one of the cornerstones of the revival of the PP

‘Nuevas Generaciones del Partido Popular’, the youth organisation of the party, yesterday reviewed the political management of the main institutions of the Balearic Islands, and gave an overview of their political activity during 2014. Toni Ramon, the island president of NNGG, highlighted the intense political agenda developed by Nuevas Generaciones …

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