Barcelona to crack down on illegal subletting through Airbnb

Apartment owners in Barcelona are discovering that people posing as long-term tenants are renting their properties with the sole intention of illegally sub-letting them to tourists through vacation accommodation sites such as Airbnb, in some cases earning triple the cost of the rent. Airbnb recognises that around a third of …

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Why the British press is saying “¡Viva Espana!”

“¡Viva Espana!” screamed the headline on the webpage of the UK newspaper The Daily Mail a few weeks ago, surprising those who are more accustomed to the tabloid’s usual menu of xenophobia and anti-European sentiment. But xenophobia is relative, and the Mail, despite its limitations when it comes to the …

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The most expensive yacht in the world arrives

  Figueretes woke up yesterday to find a megayacht parked outside. ‘A’, is the name of this impressive vessel owned by 40 year old Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichenko, who made his fortune in Russia in the early ’90s. The megayacht out to sea was a rare treat for residents and …

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